The Garfield Quiz

The Garfield Quiz

1. What is the name of the dog that lives with Garfield?
a) Toto
b) Rin tin tin
c) Snoopy
d) Odie

2. What is Garfield's favorite food?
a) Pizza
b) Chinese
c) Lasagna
d) Cajun

3. What is the name of Garfield's girlfriend?
a) Amanda
b) Darlene
c) Arlene
d) Charlene

4. When is Garfield's birthday?
a) August 23,1979
b) June 19,1978
c) August 21,1979
d) August 17,1979

5. Garfield's owner is?
a) John Arbuckle
b) Jon Arbuckle
c) Jim Arbuckle
d) Jason Arbuckle

6. What is Garfield's favorite drink?
a) Coffee
b) Coke
c) Fruit Juice
d) Root Beer

7. What is the food Garfield hates to have in his cereal?
a) Bananas
b) Peaches
c) Strawberries
d) Raisins

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